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Sell merch effortlessly on YouTube

Sell your Bonfire merch directly below your videos and live streams with the YouTube Merch Shelf integration

Mockup of Bonfire X Merch Shelf integration with YouTube.
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Merch Shelf makes it easier to drive sales – with just one click, your fans can shop your merch

Add a merch store to your channel and get more eyes on your products

Focus on creating content while we handle printing, shipping and customer support for you

Here's how it works

create your merch with bonfire

Upload your own design or work with us to design something your fans will love. Activate the YouTube integration from your dashboard.

set up merch shelf in youtube studio

Follow a few simple steps to connect your accounts. Once approved by YouTube, you're ready to start selling.

upload content and promote

It’s easier than ever to promote your products, simply tell viewers to check your merch shelf.

merch is shipped

Sit back as orders are printed and sent directly to subscribers.

get paid

Get a fast payout of 100% of your profits.

Are you Merch Shelf ready?

Meet the YouTube eligibility requirements to get started

Approved for monetization

Have 10K+ subscribers or be an Official Artist Channel

More requirements here.

Check YouTube Studio to see if your channel is qualified.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my merch displayed on my Merch Shelf?

How many products will my Merch Shelf display?

Can I choose which products show up and which order they’re in?

Why doesn’t my Merch Shelf appear on my videos?

Why is my product available on Bonfire, but not on my Merch Shelf?

Will this affect my Google AdSense revenue?

What data is shared with YouTube?

Get started with the YouTube Merch Shelf

Start selling with Merch Shelf

Don’t meet the requirements yet?
You can still start selling merch on Bonfire today, no matter how many subscribers you have.

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